Prospective Vendors and Partners,

Thank you for your interest in and support of the Philippine Festival 2018!  Our festival will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2018. This is our sixth year at the Maryland State Fairgrounds, which has served as a most excellent venue to bring the whole community together in a lively atmosphere and convenient location. By using this facility, our festival and organizations are provided with climate-controlled comfort and mainstream visibility. We invite you to join us in this grand celebration of Philippine culture, food, and fun!

If you wish to apply for booth space, please complete the following:

  1. Review and sign the Vendor Application and Agreement Form.
  2. By May 1, 2018:  Submit the fully executed application and agreement with the check or money order made payable to Katipunan. Payment can also be made through PayPal (additional processing fee will apply). Please see Vendor Agreement - Regulations and Guidelines for a detailed list of fees. *Food Vendors (made to order on site) should submit a separate check in the amount of $100 to cover possible spillage fees (refer to Vendor Agreement - Regulations and Guidelines).
  3. On June 2, 2018:  Have all retail, resale, and Health Department permits as required.

We look forward to your participation this year. Please reserve your booth(s) during the open registration period (April 1st - May 1st, 2018), and call (see below for contact info) or email us at with any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,


The Vendor Relations Committee

Aimée Real-Robinson, Katipunan VP of Cultural Affairs 2017-2018

Polly Tee Caragay, Katipunan Corresponding Secretary, Ways & Means Committee



Open Registration:  April 1 - May 1, 2018

All vendors / exhibitors registered by May 1st will be listed in the Festival Program.


Registration Fees: 

Rates are based on a 10x10 booth space. Multiple booth spaces can be reserved if more room is required.

Food Vendor (made to order on site)        $375.00 per 10x10 space

Food Vendor (pre-packaged)                    $225.00 per 10x10 space

Dry Goods / Merchandise Vendor            $225.00 per 10x10 space

Informational / Marketing Booth              $170.00 per 10x10 space

Food Vendor Spillage Fee (refundable)    $100.00 - must provide separate check

PayPal Processing Fee                             5% of subtotal of Vendor Fees


Payment Instructions:

Payment for Registration Fees will be accepted by Check, Money Order or PayPal.  A separate check is required for the Food Vendor Spillage Fee (if applicable).  PayPal will not be accepted for the Food Vendor Spillage Fee (see Food Vendors section for details).

Checks and Money Orders should be made payable to Katipunan, and mailed to the address below along with a completed copy of the registration form:

Mail to:  KATIPUNAN c/o Mrs. Linda Jacobo, 12 Jacobo Lane, Towson, MD 21286

PayPal payments should be sent to:  Please provide the transaction ID or the PayPal ID through which payment was sent on the appropriate line of the registration form so we can quickly verify your payment.  An additional processing charge of 3% of the Total Fees will apply.


Food Vendors - Licensing and Regulations

Licensing:  A “One Day Food Service License” must be obtained at least three weeks prior to the event date from the Baltimore County Environmental Health Service (EHS), 9100 Franklin Square Drive, Set.230, Baltimore, MD 21237-3903, (410)887-FOOD (3663). Proof of valid license for “Annual Food Service Facility”, and the completion of a Temporary Event Questionnaire Form are required to be submitted along with the license application. It is imperative that each food vendor or his/her representative attends the meeting with the Baltimore County Environmental Health Services, Food Protection Division, to be set at least 2 weeks before June 2, 2018 to discuss relative issues. 

Food Inspection:  A food inspector from the Department of Health will randomly inspect the food booths during the Festival. As such, all food vendors must comply with the food safety rules and regulations.  Please read and understand the rules and regulations mandated by the Baltimore County Environmental Health Services ( pertaining to food service facilities at fairs, festivals and events of limited duration. 

Spillage Fee:  As mandated, there can be no discharge of liquid waste onto the ground or into storm drains.  Adequate refuse containers must be provided at all stands.  Spillage, i.e. “oil/grease”, must be avoided. In order to protect the ground from oil slicks, the grease must be contained in a jar and “stay dry cat litter” must be provided in case of spillage.  It is strongly suggested to cover the entire booth space with tarp or similar floor covering to prevent oil spillage.  Food Vendors (made to order on site) are required to make a deposit (separate check) with Katipunan in the amount of $100.00 to cover possible spillage fees that may be charged by the venue.  This amount is REFUNDABLE to the Food Vendor if NO VIOLATION of the Spillage Rules is cited in the Vendor’s assigned area. 

Supplies & Equipment:

  • Food Vendors must have a menu board, created in a professional manner, with clearly posted prices.
  • Food Vendors must supply their own ice.
  • Covered gas or charcoal grills may be used only in the outdoor area of the Festival.
  • A temporary Hand Washing Station is required.
  • Fire Extinguishers are required for all food vendors.


  • No alcoholic beverages may be sold by Food Vendors.
  • Vendors may sell ONLY Pepsi and PepsiCo products.  For a full list of PepsiCo brands, please go to


Important Set-up Information for All Vendors & Exhibitors:

Booth assignments are at the discretion of the Festival Committee.  All approved Vendors/Exhibitors will receive Vendor/Exhibitor Information Packets (via email and/or post) once your application is processed and payment has been received. We will have access to begin setting up for the Festival as early as Friday, June 1, 2018. Vendors must report to the designated Vendor Check-in desk (which will be clearly marked) prior to set-up. Indoor Vendors may check-in and set up booths as early as Friday June 1st from 3pm - 7pm. All Vendors (indoor & outdoor) may check in and set up on Saturday June 2nd as early as 7:00am. Indoor Vendors must be finished setting up by 9:00am to allow for Mass preparations. All Vendors should be ready to serve customers by 11:00am and stay open for business until 6:00pm.

Set-up Requirements & Misc. Information:

  • Booths must be decorated with a Filipino theme.  Tabletops must be covered and skirted.
  • Booth space must not exceed 10ft x 10ft, please plan accordingly or reserve additional booth space.
  • All Vendors must provide their own tent no larger than your reserved area (10ft x 10ft).
  • One (1) table measuring 3ft x 8ft can be provided for informational/marketing booths by request.
  • The Festival Committee reserves the right to shut down any booth that is in violation of the rules and regulations outlined herewith. Should such shut down occur, all booth fees shall be forfeited.

Katipunan, the Filipino-American Association of Maryland, Inc. (Katipunan) will not assume responsibility for liability of any kind. The vendor/exhibitor agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Katipunan and the Festival Committee, their officers, directors and agents for any and all claims including, but not limited to, those based upon property damages, personal injuries, taxes and/or loss, in any way related to the Festival including reasonable attorney’s fees arising from negligence of the VENDOR and any of its agents, assigns or employees.  Katipunan and the Festival Committee, their officers, directors and agents will not assume any liability for loss of or damage to vendor’s / exhibitor’s property.  Katipunan reserves the right to restrict and refuse an applicant’s participation if it exceeds the limitations of a category or for any other reasons deemed appropriate by the Festival Committee.  There can be no product changes or product line additions after an application is filed, without the written consent of the vendor relations committee.  Sponsor agrees to comply with the festival regulations and guidelines.  


*Please email for copies of the Vendor/Exhibitor Application and Agreement.  Thank you!  - The Katipunan Philippine Festival Vendor Relations Committee