Our Debut for young Filipino-Americans will be part of our 50th Anniversary Gala! We are proud of our debutants. Their achievements will be highlighted and accomplishments celebrated. At the same time, it is our hope to instill in them an appreciation of their Filipino-American heritage as well as poise them to be our community builders.

Through the Katipunan Debut experience, they will have a platform to get to know their Filipino-American community. They will have the opportunity to meet other young Filipino-Americans and their families as well as meet officials from the Philippine Embassy and Maryland Government.  


 ***A Call for "Young People Debut" participants!***

Celebrate your coming of age during Katipunan's 50th Anniversary Gala! Be part of a celebration that only comes once every 100 years! Open to both genders—number of participants is limited, so let us know if you're interested ASAP!!!


Luis Florendo l_florendo@yahoo.com

Bing Slodzinski: bingslodzinski@gmail.com

Josie Thompson: josie@josiedesigns.com